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Hatfield Audio Clip and Transcript

Hatfield Audio Clip 

There was a San Francisco Dance League. Mimi Kagan tells me I was the first chairman of it; I don’t believe this, (laughs), because I can’t remember it. But she tells me that she nominated me. (Laughs) So she was already here in the area at that point. I worked part-time at the film company Don was working for at that point, and I shared [an] upstairs studio; I think the address is 533 Post Street. There was an artist, whose name I can’t remember, who had a studio up there. There were several studios on that second floor. It had been May O’Donnell’s; she had worked there and Jose [Limon] had worked there. I shared it with Marian Van Tuyl and Eleanor Lauer. I taught classes in that studio. I performed under the auspices of the San Francisco Dance League. One of the things the Dance League did in those years was to present dancers, gave them a chance to perform. We performed in Herbst. I think there was more than one performance that was sponsored by the Dance League.

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Ruth Hatfield
Hatfield Audio Clip and Transcript