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Legacy Oral History Online Collection

Yurii Cachero

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Yurii (George) Cachero (1951-1991) was born at French Camp, California in 1951, sixth of eleven siblings in an extended family of Filipino, Spanish, Portuguese and Hopi origins. Yurii studied art in Stockton, California and received his B.A. in Art from San Francisco State University in 1975. Prior to extensive travel in Europe, Israel and Central America, he worked for architectural firms in San Francisco and Boston. Returning to graduate school, Yurii studied counseling and graduated with an M.A. in Social Work from State in 1984. While attending graduate school, he begun studying Afro-Haitian dance. He has taught Afro-Haitian dance and presented workshops in dance and spirituality. After four years of social work experience with Hospice of San Francisco, Yurii was diagnosed with HIV-related disease in 1988. 

Audio Clip and Transcript

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