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Charlip Audio Clip and Transcript

Charlip Audio Clip

I remember something (laughs) very funny about that now. Jennifer Dunning of the New York Times asked everybody on that series . . . she had like three or four questions. And one of them was, “What is your ideal dancer?  And what is your ideal dance company?”  She had been calling everybody and she finally called me. And she said, “Well . . . ?”  I said, “The ideal dancer actually would be me. You know, it would be a whole bunch of ‘mes’.”

And then I wouldn’t have to tell people what to do. Because you would just know and you would just do it. I would just dance together. Also, it would be a very unified company. We would be the same height.

We would all be bald like I was. (Smiling) And, and oh, and then I think what I’d like is a lot of little ‘mes’ running around in between my legs . . . (Both laughing) And, and, and one big me that could hold all of us in his hands. And then I said, “Oh (pause) and, in the boutique, they could sell Remy Charlip dolls.”

Well, it was published in the New York Times. And people were very upset with me. They thought I was very egotistical. They didn’t get the joke. Some people didn’t get the joke. Most people did. But it was pretty funny. And she said, finally, when she was about to hang up, she said, “Oh, thank you Remy. This article was going to be so boring.” (Laughs)

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Remy Charlip
Charlip Audio Clip and Transcript