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Newman Audio Clip and Transcript

Newman Audio Clip

Interviewer: Naomi Newman

NM:So if I’m in a situation now where there are a lot of people and it’s a very meaningful situation, I really want to get up there and give what is in me to give. I remember there was a spiritual guru that I had a short connection with, in my late forties, Bhagwan Rajneesh. And he used to say, “When the cloud is full, it must rain.” And very often, that’s how I feel.

Give me a meaningful situation, people sitting around, I want to perform. But I wish there was a different word. I want to transmit. I want to affect and change and inspire and comfort and…all those words.

DM: What do you want to transmit?

NN: Um... I think I want to transmit the life force. I think I want to transmit, um... life, the beauty of life. And that doesn’t mean life without its challenges and sorrows, but the protection of life … the honoring, the sacredness. The sacredness of life.

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Naomi Newman
Newman Audio Clip and Transcript