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White Audio Clip and Transcript

White Audio Clip

Finding A Publisher

Naturally in the course of all of this I saw the Bay Area Reporter everywhere. If you go out to the gay places in San Francisco you see the Bay Area Reporter and the Sentinel. I think the Sentinel, when I first moved here, may have gone under briefly, but the B.A.R. I remember seeing everywhere: these long, very amusing, very knowledgeable, but very particularly from a gay point of view, opera reviews, that George Heymont had been writing for years. I think at that time George had already won several Cable Car Awards for them and George was already by then a very successful freelance writer in a lot of national magazines. He sells a lot of articles still.

But I noticed that no one was writing about dance, and it occured to me that if they are devoting this amount of space to opera, maybe they would devote some space to dance. None of the weekly papers covered dance in 1981 - the Guardian didn't, the B.A.R. didn't. Now every weekly papaer has dance reviews. Then none of them did. But if they were going to cover opera, it seemed reasonable to me that they would cover dance too. 

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Keith White
White Audio Clip and Transcript