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Weiss Audio Clip and Transcript

Weiss Audio Clip

Interviewer: Judy Goldhaft

JG: Who did you study with when you began?

IW: Local teachers, when I was very small.  They apparently kept my interest, but then, later, in high school, and especially when I came to a university town, to Marbruch (sp?) to boarding school, then there were more opportunities to be more serious about it.

JG: What kind of dance was this?

IW: A mixture of ballet technique, experience, and also development of free forms as they came from various influences.  Later when I discovered Mary Wigmann, of course, her mentor and teacher was Laban, Rudolf von Laban, that was a very specific training—but there were numerous, rather interesting concert dancers at that period.  They came from Vienna and from other cities and they stirred a great deal of enthusiasm for young people—to move more freely in a different style of expression.  And so these were all experimental forms of an early type.

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Inga Weiss
Weiss Audio Clip and Transcript