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Rumsey Audio Clip and Transcript

Rumsey Clip

Interviewer: Dennis Mullen

DM: Dennis, can you tell me about administration and dance and planning?

DR: My experience has been that if you don't have planning and an administration that can hold it's head high and stay with the plan, you're going to have a lot of problems with the company itself. To make it simple, an administrator who's in charge of all but artistic staff has to be able to work well with the artistic director and staff, because they're the ones who share the costs, and the thoughts, and the ideas, and all of that, long before they may ever go to the board level for approval. There in lies one of the famous problems of who's really in charge, the artistic director or the administrator, and it can become quite problematic. But I think a strong administrator and a strong Board is absolutely essential when you're talking about a budget that's 12-14 million dollars.

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Dennis Rumsey
Rumsey Audio Clip and Transcript